brainstormsession2 Brainstormsession#2 - 20190716
* part 1: 16:00 - 18:45
* part 2: 22:40 - 23:15
(total time : 3:20h)

When technology becomes an obstacle
 for commmunication / documentation (?) rather than a tool for constructive(??) documentation - generaton - ... of ideas 

then we might indeed prefer to never meet again...
technology distracts from the content that has to be discussed?

the ones that are not connected / that don't "own" the technology indeed stay "behind" or isolated from the (nonsensical) discussion...

i cannot follow but probably I don"'t want to follow cause I have the impression no one really follow any thing at all

the exitement of getting lost in technology

Now it s even getting better: the ones who have an account will be cut of the conversation by wearing headphones ... 

(Hello-it works! - but does it work? (i can hear your echo's... echoing in the glass pavilion, a mirror, transparancy?) to many metaphysical questions - i think it only works in chrome...)(it s not catching it)
(so where are we ... lost in transcibtion ... are you bakc are you back? ) but not in translation anymore : autotranslation from 5 different languages

distraction , some deep listening - exercises? 

it stops recording 

we re putting this to the background 

So what are we about to discuss : about presentation

yesterday: we were discussing themes and formats , do we want to make omething, do we want an afterlife for TLM

why did we come here?!
ended yesterday on the waste of the time?

we talked about the irrational: if we are to produce something that is not necessarily rational, how does that not fall into the trap of making "bad art"
does not have to be careless/nor too cynical. 

to be wary of the gimmick. 

we can not answer the questions we re possing - we have to deal with the fact that whatever we re making will have to be open for critique / will get critique

how do we want to approach making? individual vs. group. material vs. choreographed experience. 

Multitude of people, multitude of opinions & positions
Endless conversations, not getting anywhere

Irrational act (writer paints, painter performs)

Opening hours of the museum: 11:00 - 18:00
Weather should be good

answer vs. response to the materialvs the question

"The Last Meeting is an attempt to transcend the individual incapability to grasp the complex."

efficiency to collectivelly make an outcome vs synergy of a group taken to an individual outcome ...

rather then thinking about the thinking we sould start about what are individuals driven by

we invent a protocol on which we decide collectively and then take it back into the individual

What-i-want-to-do (an am already doing)
HOW TO ORGANISE A LAST MEETING : protocolise the last meeting
the website as a knowledge-base on the different topics we ve been discussing about
a collective site for 
*the documentation of the first TLM 
*consistent list of 'what-is-to-be-done' / 'what-is-needed' in order to organise A LAST MEETING

the idea of presence

resonates with camille
the gathering - different dominant notions - s-produce something that symbolise in the mateiral way a confrontation between this ghegemony and the reason why people gather 

Human algorithm , in a digital setting
visual image - light internet space that feels really digital inside, like natural space (?), what happens inside she doesn't know
associative protocol

the architecture / infrastrucutre of meeting 
different layouts that force meeting
te vocabulary of meeting - a dictionary to use when having a last meeting 
notion of waste - irrationality
second last meeting
automated lanscapes (ties to architectre)
the creating of the new contradiction to the existing (refers to the first text)

the language of the last meeting
(please insetrt what you wrote)
clarifying definitions, so that when we are talking togetehr that we are talking about the same concepts - creating common grounds 
thinking about what is right and what is wrong in this new age of digitality 

protocol, start with objects, text or sentence, that we create a chain of failures, these obects pass by everybody, intentional failure
human algorithm
the outcome is unpredictable, one kinf of thing is a metaphor for the meeting

making conscious the digital unconscious
thinking about becomeng aware and reflecting on things that we are participating in
very concrete: a youtube unpacking video: the unpacking would be a box unoacked : words about what you got to do
(...) ?
the video itself as narator
invite other people to come in a small space, to unpack the box, and whatever association they have with what s inside the box

2 nonsensical beginnings of ideas
* how if the future ment to be predicuted by computation in the present, then in that future would be st by the past
(...) self destructive
automation or loss (..)
* work
the reanactmetn of work, reanacting the meeting of the last meeting, the re-enactment would be about the processes

he won t be here on saturday
he tought about a firepit with device to charge a phone in the firepit (that is an already existing artwork by something)
he is a romantic artist, he will make a firepit at home, burn everything he collected this week, and make smoke signs - reference to the cloud
remote contribution

collective thing, a chain of doing things seperatly, 
simplifying things
sollution that adds an extra thing on top
with how many people are we? we are with 12C people, what can we do with 12 people
really making something
putting all knowledge and things we have in a thing here on the site

installing dancefloors in locations that are not ...
3 m x 3 m space : a dancefloor
and how you want to participate is directed by the language around it
it provides a space where the action is never repeated

(maybe the last meeting is a never ending meeting?)

What do we do next?
4 days left of the workshop - actually 2 days (th-friday)
we can multiple stuff
Some things can be implemented in the PAD <3

dancing footsteps in seatle
when it s raining, chalk etc , dissapearing dancesteps, protcols for dancing that (
the memory disapears
dance madness,  a virus? (see camilles reference - vienna - the act of dancing together, as a movements)
the dance as rebellion
secret (body)language
tha last dance
dancing robots (humans pretending to be a robot)
the history of the dance as a protocolised meeting
the artifact of a dancefloor , is it an option to make a party-protocol
is it a dystopian or utopian idea to have the last meeting as a dance?
?? the last meeting has to be found ??

materialy it needs some research
what makes a floor a dancefloor?
it needs to be specifically a dancefloor
focus on the floor or on the party - the typology of the dancefloor

what s available

do we tie eveything for the presentation to 'the dance'?
or do we include other proposals / ideas 
do we decide to think about TLM as a dance?


Tomorrow is a working day for the Verbeke and the next moment we can talk is the evening, thursday we ll need to start working
so we need a concrete plan of action
it is also an exersice in making a desicion (meeting wise)

* The dancefloor - do we have to decide collectively on this?
Or might it be an option to devide ourselves in different working groups (like the coocking and documenting groups) that are in charge of 

* the re-enactment of our meeting. A script, a performance
Andrew, Lode wants to join
but he also needs to "split up", cause he knows the Foundation the best and will need to help everyone out
Can the reenactment be the basis/fundament for a protocol for the last meeting?
a roleplay? improvisation? 
an exploration of the idea
the first day on thursday morning
the lexicon can be a part of it as well

** the dancefloor and re-enactment can come together at some point

*** Aaron will do his performance at home (the firepit)

**** chain of reaction : we focis on the outcome, documentation would be talking about it
something spontanious during the other projects 
have a conversation of 

manual labour  vs lack of manual lack (text based)

****(there s a lunar eclipse - how to locate yourself in space - where s notth west location)

organisation: Ben, Aaron
building: Lode, Erica

conceptualisation: Andrew, Erica, Lode, Camille (will borrow erin s computer)

conceptualisation: Erin, Rik
formalisation: everybody (?)



BBQ on saturday? we don t havee a program 
with a washingmachine 

Def re-enactmant
The repetition of an earlier (usually historic) event, as a performance or social event. They're going to the Civil War battle reenactment this weekend.

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