https://hypothes.is is an annotation layer deployed on top of the texts we will read during the theory sessions of The Last Meeting.

We will use it to highlight pieces of text, make annotations, and to host the discussions and thoughts before, during and after the sessions. The (public) material will feed back into the pads on the website.

To start:

    * Vsit this site as normal.

    * On the right side, expand the hypothes.is annotation pane:
        * create an account / login
        * join the thelastmeeting.net editorial hypothesis group (open link in new window!)
        * refresh this page & select that group inside pane

    * Is this line now highlighted in yellow?

    * OK great. Click on the annotation, and leave a comment there, to show you've succeeded:
        (Make triple sure for all comments & annotations that you choose "Post to group", not "Only Me".)

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