"The material gives off an exotic flavor."
Complexity barrier - creation without predjudice.
Ideas can transform, from being procedural to dynamic. This implies a loss of control of the author.
Machine motivations.
A series of first priniciples: influence versus control, maximisation of diversity, difference between the reactive and the interactive system (the latter designing "on the fly").
Think of "found systems" as found footage (hunting for existing patterns)

The travel is programmatic, each program has a set of parameters
"I m not ... standing still" he says
is the travel about progress

First principles
* i don t want to control, i can onlu expres influence of a self organised system
* Humans provide energy - the meta creator - but he prefers to refer to the computer as companion, they (serve?) a common goal - co-creation 
the re both dependend on each other - co-dependency. would you be able/is it possible to write/translate these protocols for human behaviour? 
--> the motivation generator : integration and expression (follow a random tracjectory designed on the fly)
The system is not predestined (?)
Interaction vs reactive

Reinforcement learning

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